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What Are 24‐Hour Bail Bonds?

What Are 24‐Hour Bail Bonds?

For someone who is arrested, or for someone who needs to arrange for bail for someone who is arrested, having access to a 24-hour bail bonds service can be a great relief. Arrests can happen at any time of day or night, for many reasons. When this happens, the first priority is to get the individual in question out of jail to begin arranging a defense.

Arranging Bail
If bail is needed (and if it has been granted), one of two conditions will prevail. If a cash bond is set, whomever is providing the money for the bond must pay the full amount. If it is not a cash bond, using a bail bond service is a great help if the bail is greater than can be performed at the time.

Using a Bail Bond Service
If a 24-hour bail bonds service is used, it is similar to getting a loan from an insurance company. In essence, that is what it is. The bail bond company is loaning the money to the person requesting it with the assurance that the person needing bail will show up the assigned court date.

Generally speaking, most bail bond companies require 10 percent payment of the total bond. Briefly, if the total bond is $2500, the bail service will require a $250 payment. The money will not be returned regardless of the outcome, and the percentage is considered the fee for the service. Rates are set by the state, so consumers are protected against unscrupulous practices.

Paying Bail: The Importance
When a person is arrested, it can take a year for his or her case to be heard. If bail is not paid, the individual must remain in jail during the entire process until a final decision is made. Paying bail allows the individual to get out of jail and try to maintain a normal life while awaiting trial.

Failing to Appear
If the person for whom the bail was paid fails to appear at the appointed time, the entire amount of the bond is forfeited, and a bench warrant is issued. In addition, the bail bond company will want to get its money back, and may resort to hiring a bounty hunter to bring that person back.

Nobody plans on being arrested, but should that situation arise, a 24-hour bail bonds service can be a great help in staying out of jail until a trial date is set.

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