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Virginia Beach Crime and Arrests

Arrest, Jail, Bail: How the Process Works

Virginia Beach is not an extremely safe city if one looks at only the numbers. With 23 crimes per 1,000 in population, it is somewhat above average in terms of crimes committed. However, when compared to other cities in the area of comparable size, it is actually safer than the average, with fewer crimes reported per level of population based on averages.

However, most people who want to know about the crime rate are interested mainly in the violent crime rate. It is these crimes that worry the general public most of all. Residents and those intending to make Virginia Beach their home will breathe a sigh of relief at hearing that Virginia Beach’s violent crime rate is at an approximately an average level, with one for each thousand residents.

In fact, if you look at the statistics and compare them to the rest of the state, you will find that the violent crime rate is actually some 25% lower than it is for the rest of Virginia. Most of the crime which can be considered to contribute to a higher average is property crime, which is, on the other hand, almost twice as high as one would see in Virginia as a whole.

As for drug crimes, the instance of this type of crime in Virginia Beach is also somewhat higher than average. One thing which may contribute to this is the aggressive pursuit of drug crimes by the city’s police department. In fact, the Virginia Beach Police Department has a task force dedicated specifically to the identification of drug offenders and the pursuit of these types of criminals. Drug crimes are treated fairly severely by police departments all across Virginia, where the law enforcement agencies have determined that there is a big problem in this field. Even small amounts of marijuana can easily land one in jail for a period of time. Even just trace amounts of other drugs are likely to get someone into a good amount of trouble.

It is best not to resist arrest in Virginia Beach, as this commonly leads to even more charges on top of those which will be determined for the base crime itself. Resisting arrest is usually considered a misdemeanor by Virginia courts and can put someone in jail for 12 months in addition to whatever amount was already going to be served them.

This is why you need a reliable Virginia Beach bail bondsman if you are arrested for a crime. You don’t want to have to spend more time in jail without your freedom than necessary. As the system goes through its legal procedures, you want the lawyer to take care of things outside of court while you are waiting. A bail bondsman in Virginia Beach can help you avoid an excessive amount of time in the jail with limited freedom. As many of the courts of Virginia are backed up, it can be a long while until a judge is able to look at your case. Avoid this situation by getting in touch with a bail bondsman in Virginia Beach.

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