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Top 10 Steps of the Bail Bond Process

Top 10 Steps of the Bail Bond Process

Some common crimes that you can obtain a bail bond for for include misdemeanors, DWIs, and failure to comply with conditions of probation.

Phoning a Significant Other:
A friend and family member will likely need to assist you in locating a bondsman. This person also will need to cosign that you will appear in court; if you don’t appear, this person will be liable and can be charged a hefty fine. Alternatively, if you have an insurance bond, the company will go after the bondsman, who will then go after you.

Securing a Bondsman:
Bondsmen can be found online or from simply looking around the jail and/or courthouse. Some specialize by being bilingual or by catering to tourists and college students. Some are independent companies, while others are national chains.

Locating Collateral:
If you don’t have cash to lay down for your bond, you will have to consider using your home, car, or valuables to fund your bail bond. If you lay down your home for collateral, for example, if you don’t appear in court, they can foreclose and auction off your home.

Putting down Collateral:
Keep in mind that the bond amount is a fixed amount; the bondsman cannot charge you for the full amount of the bond. If the bondsman doubles as an attorney, this amount also may be able to apply to attorney fees. Since you will need representation, this could be a tempting option.

Appearing in Court:
You must appear in court, or you can lose your bond, be arrested again, and/or be held in contempt of court. This action also can punish those around you, including those who vouched for you during bail.

Communicating with the Bondsman:
If, for some reason, you can’t make the court date, tell this to your bondsman; he or she may be able to help with the situation.

The trial will commence once you appear at the appropriate date.

Despite the verdict, you will receive your collateral back.

Receive Collateral:
Depending on the bondsman’s premium, you will receive the collateral back minus the payment to the bondman for his or her services.

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