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Finding the right Virginia Beach Bail Bondsman

Finding the right Virginia Beach Bail Bondsman

1. Make sure your Virginia Beach Bail bondsman is licensed. You can ask to see their ID from DCJS.

2. Check reviews online to make sure the company you choose is a reputable one. There are plenty of sites that have reviews of their experience with a virginia beach bail bondsman.

3. Make sure that the bail bondsman you choose is close to the jail, a lot of bondsman will advertise that they are across the street, only to find out once you go its a PO Box, or in most cases the location was never a bail bondsman office to begin with.

4. Ask your attorney (if you have one) who they recommend or who is the closest to the jail.

5. Most importantly make sure YOU the customer feels comfortable with the company.

6. Call Affordable bail bonds 757-777-1111

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