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Bail Bonding Payments

Bail Bonding Payments

One obstacle we always come across as Virginia Beach Bail Bondman is a client not having all the funds together to get their loved one out of jail. Well this is NO problem in most cases, Affordable Bail Bonds LLC offers bail bond payment plans in Virginia Beach.

Well how do I get a payment plan for a bail bond in Virginia Beach?
Dial 757-777-1111 and ask about one of our payment plans. In most cases our bondsman can approve you right on the spot for a payment plan. Every once in a while we will have to put you on hold and check a few minor details.


Example: Your sons bond is set at $5,000.00 he was arrested for a 2nd DUI within 5 years. He was arrested and saw a magistrate at 2am in Virginia beach. You receive that phone call that no parent wants to receive at 3am " Mom I am in jail, my bond is $5,000.00. I think you can hire a bail bondsman to get me out. Mom call 757-777-1111 they are the best bail bonding company in Virginia Beach PLEASE COME GET ME!!!!"

Ok so now you know your sons bond is $5,000.00 and he gave you the phone number to the best bail bonds company in Virginia Beach (757-777-1111) and you give them a call. The bondsman tells you by state law he has to charge you anywhere from 10-15% in order to post the bail, in this case he charges you 10%. So now you have to figure out how to come up with $500.00 QUICKLY to get your son out of jail and away from bubba. You tell the bail bondsman that you only have 200.00 but you get paid next wednesday and can pay the remainder of the bond.

At Affordable Bail Bonds we would ask you a few questions, where do you work? How long have you been on your job? How long have you lived at your current residence?
Once the bail bondsman feels comfortable with putting you on a payment plan, we would meet at the jail and begin the bail bonds process (which you can read in one of my other blogs from a few weeks ago) Typically payment plans are approved for some of the money down, and the rest within a reasonable time.

Its a pretty simple and painless process, we do not play games and make you wait a long time to get your loved one out of jail. At Affordable Bail Bonds we go the extra mile and do whatever we can to hep our clients out. There is a reason we are the only bail bonds company in Virginia beach with ACTUAL AGENTS ANSWERING THE PHONE 24/7 AND ALWAYS AVAILABLE AROUND THE CLOCK! If your loved one is in the Virginia Beach jail. I personally guarantee we will have an agent at the jail (if he's not already there) within 15 minutes.

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